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We welcome you to have your child baptised (christened) at St John’s.

In this service parents thank God for the gift of life and make a decision to start their child on a journey of Christian faith.  Godparents promise to help and support.  The church also supports you as you come to family services, special services at Harvest, Christmas and Easter, and in opportunities to join other social activities.

For your child, being baptised at a christening marks the start of a lifelong journey of faith as part of the local and worldwide Christian family. There's lots more information here.

The Church of England also baptises adults - more information here.

Please get in touch with us to make further enquiries:  the Rev Debra Blair (tel. 07845 820 921), or the Rev Rodney Green on 0161 748 7238.


Some parents might want to celebrate the gift of a child in a different way, without the commitment that baptism involves. A Thanksgiving service gives thanks for the birth of a child, and prayers are said for the family. The child is blessed and prayed for, with friends promising to support the parents in bringing up their baby.





Getting married at St John's Church Flixton


Marriage is an important decision in people’s lives. Getting married means making your love for each other public and declaring your love for each other before God. 

And through getting married in church we hope you will discover how love can grow and how you can depend on each other and trust God in your daily life. 

Vows and promises are made, in the presence of God and to one another, in order to sustain you in your married life.

We will carefully prepare you for your wedding by making it personal and as meaningful as possible.

There's plenty of other information on www.churchofengland.org/life-events/your-church-wedding.

To make further enquiries, please make contact with the Rev Debra Blair (tel. 07845 820 921), or the Rev Rodney Green on 0161 748 7238.





Facing bereavement

A funeral can naturally be a sad occasion, but we are here to give you as much support as possible.

We are able to offer you a service at the church or the crematorium for your loved one. We can carefully go through the details in preparing an order of service with you, along with suitable music and thoughts about your loved one.

A funeral director would normally make the initial contact with us and follow this us by arranging a visit with you. However, please get in touch beforehand if you want to - we are here to support you.

You can find more information on www.churchofengland.org/life-events/funerals.

Please telephone the Rev Debra Blair (tel. 07845 820 921), or the Rev Rodney Green on 0161 748 7238.





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