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Letter from Rev Debra

Summertime - and the living is easy ...

We have reached the seventh month of the year. The number 7 is one of those significant numbers. The world was created in six days, and on the seventh day it was a day of rest. “God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.” (Genesis 2: 3).

For many the seventh month also begins a time of rest. Schools, colleges and universities all break up for holidays. Many people who work book annual leave, and lots of people book holidays. For those who do not go away on holiday the daylight hours are longer, the sun may shine and it is general warmer.

People tend to use this time of the year to rest and re-charge their batteries. In the life of the church we have a small rest time, and this will be the last Bulletin before mid-August/September.

The church building remains open, and worship still continues regularly on Sundays and alternate Thursdays. Remember God does not take a day off or go on holiday!

We do, though, cut back on some activities, as there are fewer people around, due to holidays, childcare and gardening duties. The JC Squad will meet for the final time on Sunday July 24th. They will then have a break until September. The All-Age service on July 5th will be the final one until October – harvest season will then be upon us.

In this summer time, we should remember that God’s love is always around us wherever we are, and that Jesus, the light of the world, shines upon us every day. Take some time during the summer to thank God for all the blessings he bestows upon us, whether we are at home or travel away. If you are away during the next few weeks, travel safely and we look forward to all being back together in the autumn.

  Sun Shines

  Sap rises

  Lambs frolic

  Birds sing

  People play

  Glory to God who sustains and nurtures us all.

Have a wonderful summer.

Best wishes and blessings,    Reverend Debra





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