ONLINE CHURCH: News and prayer requests

(Please use the 'Contact us' page to submit your news and share requests for prayer. Put your news or request in the 'address' space, or just say 'please email' and give your email address)


  • We're asked to pray for our nation at 6pm each day during the national lockdown: here's the link to a national Church of England page with prayers and topics for prayer for these times (here)


  • If you're looking for prayers to say just at this moment in your life, try this link.


  • Another site, if you're thinking about praying and could do with some ideas and help, is called 'Hope Spaces' - click here to go to it


  • And if you want to remember someone of whom you've been bereaved, you might find it helpful to light a 'virtual' candle for them. If so, click here.