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Dear All, I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been praying for John and me since his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. He goes into hospital on Monday 28 September for an 8-hour operation which carries serious risks. I thank you for your continued prayer and support. I really have felt your prayers have carried us through this difficult time. I’m trusting God to work things out for good. With love from Gill (Hampson). 25th September 2020 


Our granddaughter Amber had a healthy baby boy yesterday, weighing in at 7lbs 14oz and named Archie. Both are well, but please pray for Amber for a speedy recovery. Margaret Johnston, 21st September 2020


Dear all, I thought it would be nice to share some good news when a lot of what we hear or read about is a bit grim. 
We have had a little miracle in our family. Bryan has had really good results from his bladder biopsy, as they have found no cancer cells in it. This was a great surprise to us. It is exactly 10 months to the day when he was first told he had a bladder tumour last November.  In the meantime he has gone through chemotherapy and radiotherapy and a couple of small operations.
We are praising God indeed for this answer to prayer, for this great healing, as the picture they painted at first wasn't a very good one. He will have to have three-monthly checks and is still suffering with some of the side-effects of the radiotherapy, but it's great news for him and our family.
Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern and good wishes. We have a great God who we can rely on in good and bad times. I have said before, and still feel, that we have been carried along by a wave of prayer and love from our Christian brothers and sisters at St John's and other churches, and family and friends. 
The problems in the world and in our own lives and families can lead us to feel despair and anxiety at times, but Jesus says: 'Trust in God and trust also in me'. I have found this really comforting: to remind myself that God's in charge and we have to be his children and let him be in charge. 
Sending blessings to you all, and continuing to uphold you all in our prayers, too. Love from us both. Bryan and Rose Corke, 19th September 2020


Hi all, Very good wishes to everyone at St John's as you start back at church today. Lovely to be worshipping together again. Sorry I cannot join you, as Bry is still shielding and will be for a while. We have our own communion at home each Sunday and remember you all in our prayers. Bry has completed his treatments now, but is still suffering with the after-effects of the radiotherapy he had eight weeks ago, but, God willing, these will resolve soon. Thank you all again for lovely messages of encouragement and prayers. We do indeed have a mighty and loving God who will be alongside us in good and bad days, and we have certainly felt the power and help of our loving Father at times when we have been anxious and scared. We still feel we are being carried along on a wave of love, which comes from the Almighty and you - so big 'virtual hugs' to you all. May the Lord continue to bless us all as the days go on. Take care and best wishes. Rose (and Bryan) Corke, 2nd August 2020 


Manchester City Mission ask for prayer about their Narrowgate emergency night shelter for homeless people in Salford. It had to close during lockdown (though the Narrowgate team carried on supporting people included in the Government's scheme to get rough sleepers off the streets), and they were hoping to re-open, with social distancing, now that the 'Everybody In' programme has ended. This has not been possible, and some staff have had to be laid off until the future of night shelters of this kind becomes clear.  28th July 2020